Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping is a dry printing process that applies a thin layer of foil to a surface. The foil is bonded to the surface using heat and pressure. The design being stamped is custom made from silicone, brass, or magnesium dies. Each die is mounted onto our hot stamping machines where they go thru a series of thorough testing procedures by our highly qualified technicians to determine the amount of heat, pressure, and time of each press in order to obtain maximum adhesion.

Labeltech Decorating specializes in hot stamping plastic, glass, and metal surfaces in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Our machinery together with our experienced operators have the capability to hot stamp bottles, jars, caps, tubes, closures, vials, and flat parts with precision placement. From foil banding to logo placement we take great pride in delivering a product you could be proud of.

Labeltech Decorating offers an extensive variety of hot stamping foils in various colors and patterns that enhance the quality image of merchandise. Our foil selection is available in many finishes including metallic, high gloss, low gloss, satin, matte, pearls and tints as well as dazzling special effects that magically attract attention. We offer the latest innovations in foil colors and designs from holographic patterns to the simulated look of metal, marble, and wood grains as well as a wide range of special effects such as brushed foils, antique patterns and multi color products.

Our knowledgeable friendly marketing team is available to help create your own masterpiece. Preview the latest designs and colors that will make your products unique and have them successfully stand out in today’s highly competitive marketplace.